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Get your custom roadmap to grow your audience, book high-paying clients, and build a coaching or service-based business without social media overwhelm.

I'm a Business Coach for Health Coaches, Life Coaches, & Service Providers. I'm also a Marketing Strategist & Done-For-You LinkedIn Lead Generation Specialist.


  • Confidently communicate your brand message, niche, & offer.
  • Book your dream clients with simplified marketing, no longer “posting & hoping.”
  • Set your own schedule, impact clients you adore, & get your message out there in a customized way that feels good for you.
  • Get more done in less time. No more overwhelm or perfectionism holding you back.

One of the Top 25 Coaches in Chicago (Chicago Entrepreneur Magazine)

Top 10 podcasts for health coaches ( & Primal Health Coach Institute)

Top 25 Experts to Follow On Instagram & LinkedIn (Functional Medicine Coaching Academy)

Top 1.5% Podcast on ListenerNotes

Top 6 Business Coach for Health Coaches (Primal Health Coach Institute)

Summa Cum Laude Bachelor Degree (Loyola Marymount University | Top 12 Entrepreneurship Program in US)

Business Coach for Health Coaches

I'm a Business Coach for Health Coaches, Life Coaches, & Service Providers. I'm also a Marketing Strategist & Done-For-You LinkedIn Lead Generation Specialist.


  • Confidently communicate your brand message, niche, & offer.
  • Book your dream clients with simplified marketing, no longer “posting & hoping.”
  • Set your own schedule, impact clients you adore, & get your message out there in a customized way that feels good for you.
  • Get more done in less time. No more overwhelm or perfectionism holding you back.


“Working with Hailey has not only changed my career but has changed my life. Before starting with Hailey I was so uncertain business. After finishing my degree I looked at myself and said, "Well I have all this wealth of knowledge, but how the heck do I turn that into to profitable business?" I got help step by step to build something that I am truly proud of today.

I went from booking a few clients sporadically at a very low price to selling high ticket 3-month packages, group nutrition challenges, and developing partnerships with companies such as Google and Expedia to give lectures and workshops.

Hailey taught me the tools to make this happen and most importantly gave me the confidence to do so. I am forever grateful for her guidance and support."



"I first started working with Hailey as my business coach almost five months ago. And at that time, I just started my business, I had no idea what to do & how to do it. I was really uncomfortable and not familiar with sales and marketing. I'm really glad I found Hailey. She really helped me build & promote my program. And she really helped me gain more confidence in discovery calls, how to get discovery calls booked, and how to lead them in a way I felt comfortable.

She also helped me host the webinars, do a giveaway, get booked on podcasts, & grow my Instagram audience. I'm really grateful for all of those things.

And I also really enjoyed the group of women in the group program, because it was so nice being there with others who are also building their business. Hailey was there with the right answers. She always provided the best feedback. She just has so much knowledge and I could not recommend her enough to anyone who's struggling and wanting to work with a business coach. "

Femke V.

Certified Holistic Health & Hormone Coach

“Hailey is an energetic & professional business coach providing pointed quality, crisply concise and effective information for her coaching/business clients. Anyone in the coaching space will benefit not only from her practical business information, but also from her mindset & approach expert for The Solve Network!

With specific niche expertise in the health & wellness industry for nearly a decade, Hailey has proved over and over again that she delivers results! Whether you are seeking a business coach for your coaching business, an expert speaker for your event, or a quality podcast/blogger - Hailey intuitively understands how to deliver results with impact.
Book her today! I promise - you won't regret it!"

Benjamin G.

Solve Network Co-Founder

"I watched several of Hailey's free tutorials about how to use LinkedIn & Facebook and I said to myself, "This woman knows what she is talking about. I need this info and so much more." I didn't know what I didn't know about social media, my website, calls to action. I had no idea how to reach my ideal client and what to do when I found them.

Hailey's private group coaching program, The Inner Circle, was a great fit for me. Her library is extensive with helpful templates about discovery calls, how to write warm emails, a fast track checklist to gain clients, and so much more. I signed up my very first 2 clients while in Haileys program.

I highly recommend this private group coaching to newer coaches who need everything from the ground up including mindset coaching, business basics and social media prowess.

Her use of guest expert speakers is sensational and adds value to the program. You and your coaching business are worth the investment, don't delay."

Kathy H.

Life & Relationship Coach

“I'm Shannon, a health coach, and I just finished up working with Hailey Rowe in her 6 month 1:1 program. I've benefited in so many ways from Hailey's guidance, both professionally and personally, but I will share some of the highlights with you.

Prior to working with Hailey, I had no niche, had no idea what a sales funnel was, had never heard of a discovery call, and the list goes on. Hailey helped me choose a niche and learn to write content to nurture my ideal clients. She taught me what to write when reaching out to potential leads and how to structure ongoing communication to nurture warm leads. She showed me how to focus on the "low hanging fruit" as she likes to call it so that I could concentrate on the things that are most likely to bring in new clients, helping me to feel less overwhelmed.

Even more importantly, Hailey was someone I could count on who I knew had my back whenever I didn't know how to respond to someone or what my next step was. Because of this, she made me feel confident to take risks and try new things, such as guest speaking on podcasts and handing out brochures to businesses.

Since working with Hailey, I have secured my first paying clients, have been a guest on a few podcasts, grown my audience substantially, have participated in some workplace wellness events, and I am just getting started. The structure and support Hailey has given me has given me plenty of knowledge and confidence to continue to grow my business and if I ever need a boost, I will certainly reach out to Hailey again to invest in some type of follow up program with her. Hailey not only knows her stuff, but is caring, funny, and easy to talk to.
The only thing you will regret about working with Hailey is that you didn't start with her sooner, so please, do yourself a favor and contact her today! "

Shannon D.

Certified Health & Weight Loss Coach

“If you want to soar above the noise on LinkedIn, look no further than Hailey. In my journey to refine my professional presence, Hailey emerged as an indispensable guide and coach of excellence.

Hailey's expertise is not just theoretical; it's transformative. With her guidance, I experienced a profound transformation in how I positioned myself on LinkedIn. Her insights are not just insightful; they're revolutionary. Hailey possesses a rare blend of strategic prowess and genuine passion for her craft. She doesn't just understand social media; she masters it.

As a business strategist, Hailey is unparalleled. Her approach is dynamic, tailored, and results-driven. Every session with Hailey is not just informative; it's empowering. She is skilled in distilling complex concepts into actionable steps, propelling her clients toward unprecedented success.

Hailey's commitment to her clients' growth is unwavering. She invests herself fully in every interaction, ensuring that her clients not only achieve their goals but surpass them. Hailey's dedication is palpable, her enthusiasm contagious.

Her guidance is transformative, and her strategies are game-changing."

Isabel D.

International Speaker, Author, & Life Coachn D.

"I had the privilege of working with Hailey Rowe and I cannot express enough how instrumental she has been in transforming my business.

She has a deep understanding of a variety of coaching businesses, helping me initially to narrow down and define my niches with precision. Her insightful strategies and keen business acumen helped me identify key areas for growth, allowing me to focus my efforts effectively.

One of the standout aspects of working with Hailey was her ability to navigate the complexities of social media. She not only assisted in launching a compelling social media presence for my business but also provided invaluable insights on how to engage with my target audience. The result was a significant boost in visibility and a tangible increase in followers.

I whole-heartedly recommend Hailey to anyone looking for a transformative and results-driven coaching experience."

Bren B.

Grief Coach and Counselor

“If you want to become a successful coach, I highly recommend her to help grow your business.
Hailey knows exactly what she's talking. She knows marketing, sales, human behavior, and how to become a successful coach.

Book a call with her ASAP before she hits the big time. You won't regret it. Her personal approach towards her clients shows that she really cares about your growth and success."

Jason R.

Life Coach

“Hailey was an absolute joy to work with as a Business Coach for health coaches. She is a wealth of knowledge and really is dedicated to our success. We started our business from scratch with Hailey and she moved us along very quickly. Much quicker than if we were to do it on our own. If you are just starting out in your business and really want to jumpstart it, I can't recommend her enough."

Rachel S.

Nutrition Coach

“After interviewing Hailey, I hired her to help my team at The Better Nutrition Program with our launch strategy for our new memberships. She provides so much value and is committed to her clients success. I've now recommended Hailey to several of our members."

Ashley K.


“Hailey helped me get my business off the ground by optimizing my niche, offering, and social media presence. She provided the guidance to set up my sales funnel and introduced me to Google My Business, and how to set it up which is really where I get most of my Pilates clients from.

It was really the little details that I would not have known if it weren’t for her. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing and sales. Along the way she will coach you to change your mindset about running a business. I recommend Hailey!"

Nancy B.

Pilates Instructor & Certified Functional Health Coach

“I adore learning from Hailey! She's the real deal, never delivering sleazy sales & truly cares about her clients and community! The amount of nuggets she gives out with actionable steps is amazing!

I always come back for more!""

Jessica H.

Clinical Nutritionist

“Before meeting with Hailey, I met 2 other business coaches. Neither of them were as up to date & helpful as Hailey. After our first consultation together, I got a new client paying at my new raised rate. She is the real deal!! If you're looking to grow your clientele, figure out your niche market, and how to get qualified clients through Instagram & Facebook, I cannot recommend Hailey Rowe enough!"

Tigris A.

Certified Health Coach

“Hailey gave current, incredible techniques to up-level the way I was using my social media and make more personal connections with my clients and future clients. The minute we started speaking, I just had this infused confidence as a business owner. The confidence, enthusiasm, and really strategic business tools and techniques that Hailey was able to offer me in the time that we coached together was really invaluable!"

Alexandra C.

Sleep coach & certified institute of integrative nutrition coach for mom entrepreneurs

“Hailey Rowe is second to none! Her guidance and knowledge-she truly goes above and beyond to help you-has shaped me into a more confident business owner, which, in turn, has benefited me as a Health and Wellness Consultant.

I cannot single out one thing that she delves into that wasn’t inspiring-everything ties into one and it all comes together for the ultimate goal you want to reach-and that is SUCCESS!!! Before signing with Hailey, believe me-I looked into other people, but not one of them could compare or are even remotely close to how dedicated Hailey is and how she takes a genuine approach to making sure all of your concerns are acknowledged and your questions are answered.

One thing is for sure-the best decision I ever made for myself and my business was choosing Hailey Rowe!"

Mia P.

Master Certified Health & Wellness Consultant

“I learned both how to choose and specify my niche, as well as many major tips to start attracting clients within that niche. My business partner and I started using these tips the very next day, and are ALREADY connecting with wonderful women within our niche. This stuff WORKS!"



“After 3 to 4 hours, I was able to achieve things I used to work on for 10 months with no success... I highly recommend Hailey Rowe.
Thank you so much.”

Lisa L.

Certified Health Coach

“Hailey Rowe is truly a sales and marketing expert! Her training is thorough, thoughtful and authentic . Hailey is that breath of fresh air that you have been waiting for to transform the way you show up in your business and your life! If you are on the fence about working with Hailey. I encourage you to take the leap. You will not regret it!”

Peggy J.

Coach & Service Provider

“When I signed up to work with Hailey, I wasn't sure if her Instagram Makeover service was right for me. I was wrong! As I move forward, I see a clearer path to a growing, sustainable coaching business. I see how I can use social media to attract the right clients. The best part: Hailey always over-delivers. I've worked with many coaches & Hailey stands above them as one of the best around. I can't recommend her enough!” 

Jason R.

Intermittent Fasting & Certified Human Potential Coach

“You're absolutely amazing Hailey! Just in the first session, you’ve already helped me bring in the reigns, narrow the focus, and clear some clutter. Exceeding expectations in every way… Thank you from the bottom of my soul, for the energy and passion you dedicated to me to this point.”

Gaston C.

Performance Coach for elite level athletes from the PGA Tour, LPGA, MLB, NASCAR, NCAA Swimming, MMA, and the Olympics

“Hailey- Wow, you really are amazing! I’m so grateful. All of your notes are on point! I really appreciate your thoroughness. I am launching my landing page by Monday… So excited and I will be giving you a shout out! I’ll be sending you a client potentially.”

Rebecca K.

WELLNESS & BREATHWORK, Motivational Speaker, Voted Hamptons “Best of the Best” Personal Trainer

“I can’t tell you how valuable the 5 Day Challenge was!!! Thank you so much. Your personal videos are a nice touch. Following a presentation on mindset, I signed up 2 wonderful clients. In addition, I’m engaging with a few people - in my group and elsewhere. I’m confident that I will get more right clients soon.”

Clair P.

Life Coach for people who struggle with chronic pain

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Since 2017, I've had the honor of working full-time as a Business Coach for health coaches, life coaches, & service providers. Check out some client wins in the videos below.