Business Coach for online health coaches who are struggling to book clients & make an impact!

Unlock a prosperous, fulfilling coaching business!

My one-on-one program helps health coaches STOP…

  • Desperately chasing prospects to make ends meet
  • Feeling defeated by their unfinished to-do list
  • Struggling with self-doubt when building an online presence

As a result of my program, my clients learn how to…

  • Confidently communicate their message to attract ideal clients they LOVE
  • Form habits and time management skills that allow them to balance a healthy lifestyle and a successful business
  • Stop suffering from “Imposter Syndrome” by living in alignment with their goals and values
  • Boldly own their content and pricing without overanalyzing the opinions of others
About Hailey Rowe
Stop Feeling Nervous
How did I get started in all of this?

Working over 8 years as a Health Coach and in Business Development for two rapidly growing health startup companies, I became passionate about helping other health coaches go beyond their certifications and address the MISSING PIECES that are holding them back from success: 

  • Marketing clarity
  • Business structure
  • Building a confident online presence
  • Finding clients they LOVE
  • Getting their clients to change their habits and get amazing results 
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What’s in it for you?

Through my free content and paid programs, I want to partner with you in launching your health coaching business, being fearless on-camera, rocking your online presence, and making a HUGE impact on so many clients’ lives.