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Hailey is your biggest cheerleader!

I feel so supported by you, like I can experiment and not have to be afraid of going out of my comfort zone also on business side. Like I always tell my clients, all it sometimes takes is to have ONE person believe in you! I wish you abundance, Hailey, you are an incredible hard worker! 

Group member of Health Coach Nation

Light in the coaching world!

Thank you for being a true light in the coaching world. LOVE your content, putting it to good use. And have a good collaboration set up from Austin because of your simple instructions.

Group member in Health Coach Nation

This stuff WORKS!

After just one incredibly beneficial call with Hailey, I learned both how to choose and specify my niche, as well as many major tips to start attracting clients within that niche. My business partner and I started using these tips the very next day, and are ALREADY starting to connect with wonderful women within our niche. This stuff WORKS! I’m so excited to continue learning from Hailey in her coaching package.

Taylor P. Certified Personal Trainer & Body Positivity Coach

Hailey understands business.

Hailey understands business. The ecosystems of business, how things connect… She looks at the big picture. She understands the tactics and the strategy.

Lew Jaffe, Author of The One Day MBA: The Critical Stuff They Don’t Teach in Business School

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