I’m a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I work with women who want to lose weight and gain energy by transitioning to a plant-based diet. 

If you are looking to work with a Business coach for Health Coaches, Hailey is your coach! I was interested in working with a business coach whose area of expertise is to help health coaches elevate their business. I saw Hailey’s name everywhere on social media, helping so many amazing individuals and knew I had to sign up with her as well. From our first conversation, Hailey exuded the confidence and knowledge I was looking for in a coach to help with my business structure. She made me feel at ease by explaining her process and what to expect.

I signed up for the business boost intensive, and during the two weeks of coaching, Hailey delivered as promised and exceeded my expectations with her knowledge and expertise. She is very organized and hits the ground running with an easy to follow structure. She provides current tips and techniques, with her guidance. I was confident to reach out on social media and look for my ideal clients and start making genuine connections. An important takeaway from Hailey is always to be confident and stay consistent. It was indeed a pleasure working with Hailey. I am grateful for her endless support and guidance. 

-Liana, Higher Standard of Health- 

Hailey exuded the confidence and knowledge I was looking for in a coach!

Before coaching I knew there was no way I am going to successfully create a business without a business coach. Hailey was on  my radar and I saw that she was consistently giving her audience high value strategy content to help them start and manage their online health coaching business. Hailey’s program teaches you how to run a coaching business with SO MUCH knowledge and strategies, specifically tailored to Health Coaches. What I learnt from Hailey, I would never have learned by myself, and this was in 2 and a half months!

Kathrine K. – Certified Health Coach
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I feel so supported by you, like I can experiment and not have to be afraid of going out of my comfort zone also on business side. Like I always tell my clients, all it sometimes takes is to have ONE person believe in you! I wish you abundance, Hailey, you are an incredible hard worker! 

Group member of Health Coach Nation
Hailey is your biggest cheerleader!

Thank you for being a true light in the coaching world. LOVE your content, putting it to good use. And have a good collaboration set up from Austin because of your simple instructions.

Group member in Health Coach Nation
Light in the coaching world!

After just one incredibly beneficial call with Hailey, I learned both how to choose and specify my niche, as well as many major tips to start attracting clients within that niche. My business partner and I started using these tips the very next day, and are ALREADY starting to connect with wonderful women within our niche. This stuff WORKS! I’m so excited to continue learning from Hailey in her coaching package.

Taylor P. Certified Personal Trainer & Body Positivity Coach
This stuff WORKS!

Hailey understands business. The ecosystems of business, how things connect… She looks at the big picture. She understands the tactics and the strategy.

Lew Jaffe, Author of The One Day MBA: The Critical Stuff They Don’t Teach in Business School
Hailey understands business.

Hailey is doing a lot of cool, forward-thinking- specifically with social media.

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Lara K., J Hillburn Stylist & Top Performing Saleswoman 

Hailey is doing a lot of cool, forward-thinking!

I can’t tell you how valuable the 5 Day Challenge was!!! Thank you so much. Your personal videos are a nice touch. Following a presentation on mindset, I signed up 2 wonderful clients. In addition, I’m engaging with a few people – in my group and elsewhere. I’m confident that I will get more right clients soon.

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Clair Plye

I can’t tell you how valuable the 5 Day Challenge was!!!

I worked with Hailey in an intensive for my health coaching business. I had such an amazing experience with her and amazing results. I have been working with a business coach, a more general business coach for female entrepreneurs, and what really drew me to Hailey was her experience not only as a health coach but in health related businesses. 

During our session she gave current and incredible techniques and tools to uplevel the way I was using my social media and make more personal connections with my clients and future clients. She also had tips for making connections in my business with my niche: moms and mompreneurs. 

Her energy is also another thing that drew me to her and really it is so contagious. She is so supportive, enthusiastic, and caring that the minute we started speaking, I just had this infused confidence in myself as a business owner, and confidence in the possibilities that lie ahead for me and my business. 

So, the confidence, enthusiasm, and really strategic business tools and techniques that Hailey was able to offer me in the time that we coached together was really really invaluable! Just talking to her, sharing experiences, and getting her take on the different things that I’ve been doing in my business was so refreshing and really gave me a lot of perspective about how I can move forward with my business as a health coach.

Name: Alex C., Certified IIN Health Coach 

What really drew me to Hailey was her experience not only as a health coach but in health related businesses.

Testimonial: “When I signed up to work with Hailey, I wasn’t sure if her Instagram makeover service was right for me. After all, I wasn’t doing much on Instagram at the time. I was worried I was going to get some simple tactical advice that wouldn’t really move my business forward.

Simply put, I was wrong! Hailey asked me some BIG questions about me and my business so that she had a good understanding of my situation (Including my target audience and how I help them), as well as my goals. And then she took a big-picture approach to help me reach my goals, with Instagram as one of the main tools to get me there.

As I move forward with what I’ve learned from Hailey, I see a clearer path to a growing, sustainable coaching business. I see how I can use social media to attract the clients.

The best part of working with Hailey is that she always over-delivers. She takes time to explain things on calls and then will share documents with me to help me out going forward. she follows up and checks in to see how I’m doing.

I’ve worked with many coaches and Hailey stands above them as one of the best around. I can’t recommend her enough!

Jason R.,  Intermittent Fasting & Certified Human Potential Coach

I’ve worked with many coaches and Hailey stands above them as one of the best around.