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Light & EMF’s Impact on Health W/ Primal Hacker

In this week’s podcast episode, I interview Thaddeus Owen, Co-founder of Primal Hacker. Thaddeus dives deep into how artificial lighting and modern technology could be hurting our health. He calls these things the new “smoking.” In this episode, you will learn… Why our wi-fi routers and cell phones could be negatively impacting our health The…

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Online Coaching Business Truths

What do you need to know while building your online coaching business? Let’s dive in! In this week’s podcast episode, I share several important lessons that will support you in building a SUSTAINABLE online coaching business. Episode Highlights In this episode, you will learn… The reality of starting an online coaching business vs. what you…

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Overcome Fear in Your Coaching Business

Don’t let fear hold you back from taking action! In this week’s podcast episode, I share my top tips to overcome your fear of sales, taking imperfect action, and more! It’s time to stop letting fear and analysis paralysis hold you back! Episode Highlights The longer you delay facing your fear, the bigger it becomes.…

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non-pushy sales tips

3 Non-Pushy Sales Tips

Non-Pushy Sales: Reframe Your Mindset Around Selling! In this week’s podcast episode, I share my top tips to STAY SANE, prevent burnout, and enjoy the process on your way to your first $10K in your coaching business. Episode Highlights Promote what you BELIEVE in to gain trust, lead with passion, and build a  loyal audience.…

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coaching clients

Why You’re NOT Booking Coaching Clients

Recently, I filmed a livestream video in the free Health Coach Nation Facebook Group sharing the TOP reasons why you’re not booking your dream clients consistently as a coach… and what to do about it. This week’s podcast is a replay of my livestream. I can’t wait to hear your wins that come from applying…

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